Future-proof your business

Makàra is a consultancy that helps businesses elevate the value they create to their clients through the analysis of interfaces, processes, technologies and designing, experimenting, testing and implementing ideas and concepts.

Ways we can help you

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Free consultation

In this 1h session we will determine the most pressing business and digital challenges and any potential future road blocks to your company's growth.

Get a Consultation
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We will envision the steps necessary to solve your current digital  challenges, while considering new possible business opportunities.

Seek strategic advice
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Make your business resilient and adaptable to the future. Implement the strategy taking actions towards your goal.

Start a Project
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Check up

To keep your plan on track I will check on the success and direction, of the changes you are implementing.

Book a Check up

Other ways to help you

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UX Audit

Find out what improvements need to be made to optimise your website or app.

Learn about UX Audit