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Forecast: Sketched illustration of a glass ball with an eye inside and a dream bubble with a key inside.

What is a forecast?

A forecast is the process of imagining future scenarios with the knowledge you gain about the past, the present and your creativity. Forecasting serves to make plans, accomodate for potential risks, take precautions or being entrepreneurial. A forecast is based on evidence, so it is possible. It tends to be provocative, to make people think. It is plausible, which means it is not inevitable.

What does a forecast contain?


A signal is an example of the future you select in the present. It is used as a reference and anchor for the story told in the forecast.


This will be the story or stories told in the forecast.


Steps that you can take to invest in that future or stop it.



per document
  • - A scenario of a possible future
  • - A signal of change
  • - Drivers
  • - Business insights
  • - Actions

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