UX Audit

We evaluate the UX integrity of your website/app so you can take the steps to break the barriers people have to connect with your product.

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What is an audit?

It's a process that examines the challenges people can experience using your website or app in their quest to find what they need/want. It is normally carried by a usability expert, UX researcher or UX/UI designer and it can also include user testing.

An audit is normally the first step towards improving the user experience of a website or app.

It is used to:

- See what concepts, pages, components or interactions of the website or app need UX caring
- Understand why those fail
- Learn how deeply the flaws impact users
- Get suggestions on how to improve the flaws
- Have a complete picture of what to start solving
- Prioritise the design and development backlog

For whom and where: An hour glass

For whom and where?

UX audits seek to serve people in a myriad types of situations. You might be a:

Business Owner

In need of someone to find where the current experience breaks before considering a redesign.


Without a design hire and want to make sure your product website, app works according the UX standards.

Marketing manager

Not satisfied with the website/app purchase funnel performance. And despite the numbers you want to understand the why and how to improve the performance.

Design Manager

With a busy team solving other problems that you currently overwhelmed and don't have the internal resources to evaluate the state of the services you deliver through your websites and apps.

Solo Website/App developer

Needing a fresh pair of eyes to give them feedback about the UX of their designs or prototypes.

First time site/app creator

Before launching a product website or app and want to make sure that when it is released the product is UX proofed.

What they say

“Makàra broke it down in a way that didn’t feel too much & challenged the processes I was using to make some pretty big changes which I never would have foreseen & now I have much more traffic & sales online & operationally I can manage”

 Emily Grace Wright, Owner of T&Shop
Emily Grace Wright
Owner of T&Shop

“ The UX audit helped us focus clearly on the homepage and streamline ensuring that it flowed and everything that was there, image or otherwise was of benefit to the user.”

Sammy Aki, Creative Director at Domain La Gentilhommiere
Sammy Aki
Creative Director at Domaine La Gentilhommière
How to book a UX Audit: Steps

How to book an audit?

Incoming Call

Complete the Live or Standard audit form that you can find below and I will give you a call to expand on your form filling.

Hand Pointing

Select the red routes and pay for the service.


Pass me the access link and credentials (if necessary) to your website or app.

My Compromise: Heart

My Compromise

Note icon

To listen and consider your input.

Smile blank icon

To give my unbiased point of view.

Flashlight or torch icon

To examine throughly with the your company's best interest in mind.

Chat Bubbles icon

To keep you updated in case of having questions or due potential scope changes.

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To refund 1/2 of the cost if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

Service Fees

Live Audit


1h call examining your site or app
Green tick icon
1 platform (Website or App)
Green tick icon
1 hour video call
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Heuristic evaluation
Green tick icon
Green tick icon
Copy of the recorded session

Standard Audit


3 journeys on 1 platform
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1 platform (Website or App)
Green tick icon
3 journeys
Green tick icon
Summary live document
  • - Heuristic Evaluation rating
  • - Patterns found
  • - 3 main UX issues to prioritise
Green tick icon
Annotated Figma file with the journeys
  • - Observations
  • - Questions
  • - Suggestions & Possible solutions
Green tick icon
List of annotations on a Spreasheet
Green tick icon
Video remote presentation
  • - Highlights of the findings
Green tick icon
1 hour support post audit


How do I get started?
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Select the most convenient plan for you above and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How long does it take to finish?
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It really depends on the number of platforms, the length of the journeys selected by you, the number of flows within those journeys that need examination, and the number of flaws I might encounter on the website or app. In general an audit of 1-3 journeys takes on average one to one & a half weeks (7 working days).
The aproximate time of delivery is given before starting the Audit based on an initial assessment.

What is included?
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Both audits consider a single platform, that being a website or an app.

- The Live Audit includes 1 hour examinaing your site/app pointing out the 3 most important issues to focus on and the recording of the session.

- The Standard Audit includes the examination of 3 journeys in form of a live document with video tapped first impressions, and a Heuristic evaluation

Can I customize an audit?
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Yes. When you book an Audit let me know in the form comments what changes you would  like to make to the audit. Some common changes are adding more journeys or another platform to the Standard Audit or increasing the time on the Live Audit. Be aware that the customisation affects the timing and pricing of the audit.

How is a UX Audit different from user testing?
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Both UX Audits and User Testing are trying to uncover flaws and blind spots in the user interface. However the UX Audits are normally worked by an expert evaluator/s that look at the interface taking in consideration both the business objectives and the users perspective and will communicate concisely those interested. User Tests are taken by people who give feedback to specified given tasks. In some cases the Audits include user testing sessions.

Does the UX Audit include user testing?
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Not at the moment, but we are looking to create a new plan that includes it.

What is a red route?
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A red route is a highly visited journey on your website or app. If your business sells products a red route could be the process of buying a product from searching for a product, comparing between products and checking out.

How do I make changes to an order I've already placed?
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You only need to communicate with me and we will proceed to change. The change needs to be made after 48h of your order payment otherwise the change can't be made.

What is the refund policy?
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If we cancel your order you will a full refund.
If you cancel after 48h of the order payment we will refund 50%.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work you will receive 50% of your money back.

Where are you located?
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We are located in London UK.

Who conducts the audits?
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Ngatye Brian Oko aka the Explorimentalist a UX Designer with 8 years of experience find more here.

How can I contact your company if my questions aren’t answered here?
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You can send an email to brianoko@gmail.com

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