Learn ways to make your business future-proof by mastering the art of anticipating the future

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What we do

We create and facilitate workshops about UX, strategy and business. Some of the things you will learn if you enrol in one of our workshops are foresight, innovation, design thinking, problem-solving, product-market fit, testing ideas or critical thinking among others.

Few of the workshops we offer are given in more than one session. We try to make our sessions ludic and fun. At this moment, our workshops are remote, so it takes more effort to involve people, but we like the challenge. Please take a look below for more details.

Upcoming workshops

Every 2 Thursdays at 7pm

Play with the future

Prepare for the future by playing possible future scenarios


Did the pandemic catch you by surprise? How did you react to it? Do you feel prepared for an uncertain future? What do people do to be ready for the future? In what way can a technological change, a social change, a policy change or an environmental change affect my business?

Unfortunately, we don't know how what will happen in the future, but we know that the constant of life changes. The changes can be unexpected, sudden and transformative. So how do we train ourselves to be more resilient to those changes?

Why not make uncertainty a game?

What we will do

In this group session, we are going to play a Forecasting Game. As Einstein said, "Games are the most elevated form of investigation". Future Forecasting games consist of voluntarily placing obstacles in a plausible future to train your blind spots. Think of a play experience similar to Dungeons and Dragons but for your business.

You and other participants will explore different scenarios and situations where it is necessary to use your imagination and critical thinking to bring solutions to future obstacles.

Some of the things you will rehearse during the session:
- Your planning, prioritisation, partnership, creativity and adaption skills
- Your understanding of the nature of your tactical and operational reasoning
- Your understanding of your role within your organisation in the context of the scenario
- Your ideas about innovation and creativity
- Your sense of involvement in changing the future

Ideal for...

People looking to seek clarity and react better in the unknown, rapid, and drastically changing environment by building creativity, foresight, strategy, and mental flexibility muscles.

Number of sessions
Session duration
1 Hr
Starting day
People per session
Type of session
Zoom call
Price (tester only)
Per play session


Ngatye Brian Oko is a Spaniard and Ndowe living in London, father of one, manga and animation lover, beat making hobbyist and poet from time to time that happens to be a UX Designer for the last decade.

He has a strong drive to understand and use technology to serve humanity through Strategic Foresight.

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